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Atlanta Sports Medicine Programs Atlanta Rehabilitation is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation company utilizing certified athletic trainers and licensed physical therapists to treat the spectrum of orthopedic problems. Using a team approach, we are best able to tailor individual programs that meet the needs of a given athlete, as well as take advantage of some of the best specialists in the Atlanta area.

Your Safe and Rapid Return to Sport

Starting with on-site athletic training coverage to prevent injuries, as well as to manage any acute injuries that may occur, Atlanta Rehabilitation is there to provide immediate treatment, as well as to expedite any further medical intervention. Our network of sports medicine, fellowship-trained physicians are also on call to help meet the needs of the athlete when necessary. If outpatient physical therapy is needed, Atlanta Rehabilitation has some of the best trained physical therapists in the Atlanta area that can be accessed immediately.

Our therapists understand athletic injuries and will not only treat your specific injury but will also test for possible muscle imbalances or biomechanical problems in order to ensure your safe return to sport and future health. Our on-site athletic trainers will continue to communicate with coaches and sports medicine specialist while post-rehabilitation programs are initiated. Immediate access to healthcare and constant communication amongst a highly skilled sports medicine team will provide for your safe and rapid return to sport.

We Know Athletes!

For the last sixteen years our clinicians have worked with players from the NFL, NBA, MLB, US Women's National Soccer Team, MLS, competitive triatheletes, and various college and local high school athletic programs.

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