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Dizziness and disequilibrium are significant problems, second only to low-back pain complaints in frequency of occurrence among adults. Vestibular rehabilitation is a safe, effective, and conservative treatment of these symptoms.

Atlanta Rehabilitation and Performance Center is staffed with professional Physical Therapists trained in the rehabilitation of vestibular pathologies.


Treatment and Diagnosis

The sensation of vertigo can be caused by many different factors; therefore, your Physical Therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation to identify your exact deficits. Once completed, a specific exercise and manual treatment program will be designed to decrease dizziness, increase balance function and improve general activity levels. Exercise may include instruction in compensatory strategies and re-training of the proprioceptive, visual, and inner ear structures in order to significantly decrease symptoms.

Individuals with balance disorders and movement-related dizziness may also suffer from secondary symptoms, including decreased strength, loss of range of motion, increased muscle tension, and headaches. Atlanta Rehabilitation and Performance Center can also provide tools and instruction for relief of these secondary symptoms.

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